Welcome to my world of paranormal and contemporary romances. I create fascinating, heart-pounding, sexually-charged, and often funny stories that will capture your heart and imagination. Whether I’m writing about sexy shifters or the hot man of your dreams, you can count on an exciting journey.

My popular shape-shifters of the Cannon Pack series and the Wild Things series will introduce you to the supernatural beings that exist in our everyday world. I’ll bring you into the worlds-within-our-world, where tales of werewolves, vampires, witches, banshees, and more ignite the imagination and create the unforgettable.

My contemporary stories will introduce you to ordinary women who are thrust into extraordinary situations where love is often hard-won. But it’s always worth fighting for.

If you’re 18 or over, let me fuel your imagination and turn your emotions free.



Naughty Holidays

Four naughty holiday books previously released that have been revised and lengthened for your enjoyment. Get hot and bothered during the cold winter nights. Wishing you a naughty holiday! ~ Beverly Rae

Angie’s going to win her dream-mobile in a contest for the Ultimate Holiday Spirit no matter what it takes. But Jack has his eye on the sleek blue Porsche, too. They’re after each other in more than one way. Who will win the contest? Will the mysterious Santa—unlike any other Santa—interfere?

Sexually-starved Rayne needs to satisfy her hunger for a man. Combining all the ingredients for a recipe of fun and magic, Rayne cooks up more than an anatomically-correct gingerbread man.

Free-spirited Cara Williams has never met the one man who could match her wild ways and win her heart. When she meets a mysterious and sexy man, she feels an instant connection with him.

Josh died as a baby and never had a chance to live. He visits Earth to experience life, if only for a few days. But The One-Who-Knows-Almost-All has other ideas.


WARNING: This story contains handcuffs, whips, a studded collar, and some Christmas magic.

Sheila Simmons, a new witch, decides to take a night off from studying for her magic exams. Instead, she attends a friend’s holiday masquerade party. Her costume: a dominatrix Santa named Mistress Sheila.

Once at the party, Sheila discovers just how popular her costume is. In fact, four little men dressed as elves take every opportunity to chat her up. She uses her magic to change the four diminutive men into four handsome, sexy hunks and takes her pretend role as dominatrix to heart. But the men surprise her when they add a little magic of their own.


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Tricked Again


Melissa Martin gets dumped by long-time boyfriend and male model, Derrick, after she gains twenty pounds. With the help of a magical stone necklace, she hopes to get him back.

Using the necklace’s powers to make her body appear slim, Mel gets caught in a tug of war between two men. Derrick wants the apparently slim-again Mel back in his bed while Jason, another male model, yearns for the voluptuous Connie, Mel’s plus-size “twin” sister.

As if she didn’t have enough trouble pretending to be two different women with two different bodies, a snooty female model will do anything to sabotage her efforts to win back Derrick’s heart.



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Touch Me


Touch Me

Sloan Janson’s best friend gets married days after being matched by a so-called matchmaker. He’s convinced his friend is the victim of a money-hungry con artist. He’d ready to track down the matchmaker and expose her, but from the moment he meets her, he wants to expose her in a much more personal way.

Cally Matthews can tell a person their true love’s name simply by touching them. Although helping people find each other is wonderful, matchmaking is both her gift and her curse. Then when Sloan Janson comes to her small Texas town, ready to discredit her, her special ability goes haywire.

Torn between regaining her ability and hoping for love, Cally must make an impossible decision. Will she make the choice? Or will she run?


An Amazon.com Bestseller in Erotica Westerns


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