Welcome to my world of paranormal and contemporary romances. I create fascinating, heart-pounding, sexually-charged, and often funny stories that will capture your heart and imagination. Whether I’m writing about sexy shifters or the hot man of your dreams, you can count on an exciting journey.

My popular shape-shifters of the Cannon Pack series and the Wild Things series will introduce you to the supernatural beings that exist in our everyday world. I’ll bring you into the worlds-within-our-world, where tales of werewolves, vampires, witches, banshees, and more ignite the imagination and create the unforgettable.

My contemporary stories will introduce you to ordinary women who are thrust into extraordinary situations where love is often hard-won. But it’s always worth fighting for.

If you’re 18 or over, let me fuel your imagination and turn your emotions free.



Hearts can be broken and hearts can be stolen.
Once they’re caged, they’re no longer free.

Mia Travers has left home, leaving her abusive father behind. To help her mother and her seven siblings, she travels to Fang’s Bar and Grill, ready to do whatever it takes to win a quarter of a million dollars in The Claiming Games. But when a sexy man on a motorcycle gets in her way, she’s not sure whether to shag him or run. Or maybe she should she shag him then run?

Logan Kessler, a member of the Kings of Beasts MC, loves living free and easy. Who wants a mate to get in the way? When he sees the raven-haired beauty at a truck stop, he turns his beast loose, almost going too far.

Mia and Logan meet again at Fang’s, but they keep their hookup secret. She wants to win the $250,000 prize money. He wants to claim her as his mate. Yet both of their goals are threatened by Logan’s past.

Will Mia tame the beast inside him? Or will Logan lose everything he loves?

Find out. Join The Claiming Games.


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The Captured Heart

A chance to win money. A chance to find love. But only one can be claimed.

Dear Ms. Pierce,

This is your opportunity to fulfill all your dreams.
Do you yearn to capture a man’s heart and have him capture yours? Do you dare to find a man who will treat you to your deepest desires, awaken your heart, and claim you for his own? Are you strong enough to find an extraordinary man?
If so, read on…

College student Erin Pierce and her two closest girlfriends seek adventure and love. After each receives an invitation to enter The Claiming Games, they travel to Fang’s Bar and Grill, ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime. When they arrive, they’re greeted by the amazing, sexy men called The Kings of Beasts. But these men have a dark side. They’re bad boys with fangs and claws.

If Erin survives the games, she’ll make her choice: claim $250,000 in prize money or the man of her dreams. But Erin doesn’t believe in dreams coming true. She has a terrible secret, one she believes will send a man running, destroying any chance at love.

When Erin meets Colter Quaid, she has no idea that his secret is just as shocking as her own. Can they forget their terrible pasts? Or will Erin survive The Claiming Games only to lose her future?

Enter The Claiming Games and find out.


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Lauren Williams fantasizes about making a move on her boss, sexy millionaire Carter Kensington, but her sexual inexperience holds her back. Yet when he asks her to travel for business, will she take her chance to show him how much she wants him?

Carter Kensington, the CFO of Kensington Enterprises, aches to get his hands all over Lauren, his beautiful new assistant, but he knows it’s against company policy. He is, however, only a man who can’t resist temptation forever. When work throws them together, he makes his move, determined to find out if Lauren’s the woman for him.

After finally coming together, their plans of a continued relationship are threatened by the publication of cell phone pictures showing them having sex on the company’s private jet. Carter’s ready to give up everything for her, but Lauren can’t stand the thought of him losing the job he was born to do.

Will he resign in favor of love? Or will Lauren quit first, giving up the man of her dreams? Will they be torn apart by scandal?

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