Welcome to Beverly’s world of erotic paranormal romances. Blending reality with fantasy, Beverly brings humans and the supernatural world together to create stories that hurl the reader through journeys of enduring love. Heroes and heroines overcome challenges of all kinds to fight for the love of their life.

Beverly’s popular shape-shifters of the Cannon Pack series and the Wild Things series thrill readers. Bringing readers into worlds-within-our-world, Beverly’s tales of werewolves and other shifters ignite the imagination and create the unforgettable. From stories of witches, vampires and more, Beverly takes the reader on a wild ride of heart-pounding action and burning passion.

If you’re 18 or over, let Beverly fuel your imagination and turn your emotions free.



Samantha Savage awakens in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. No memory at all, really—not even of the sexy man claiming to be her husband.

She’s assured her memory will return, but she can’t shake the feeling she doesn’t belong here, mired in suburbia…glimpsing strange creatures in dark corners. Dreaming of fighting demons for possession of a glowing pink pearl.

Josh West, a sorcerer thief, will do almost anything for money, but seducing an amnesiac slayer for The Company crosses the line. Yet if he fails to keep his bargain with the evil leaders of Diablo to persuade his oh-so-sexy “wife” to lead him to the Pearl of Wisdom, both of them will pay with their lives.

Sam can’t help falling for Josh, but as memory gradually returns and she uncovers the conspiracy behind the search for the pearl, she becomes less and less sure of which way to turn. She could trust in his love and join him to keep the pearl away from Diablo. Or return to her hard-won career as a slayer—and let him take the fall.

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Magical Sisters, Book 3

After her parents’ deaths, Hilly Tristan sacrificed anything resembling a social life to raise her two sisters. Now that they’ve settled down with loves of their lives, it’s finally her turn to find a man of her own. Trouble is, she doesn’t go for the bar scene, and online dating seems, well, desperate—even if she could find a site that caters to shape-shifters.

The offspring of a demon and a once-fallen angel, Tanner Cage comes by his playboy lifestyle honestly. Blessed with a few special powers of his own, settling down with one woman isn’t even on his radar. The captivating Hilly, though, tempts him to do just that.

Hilly figures she can handle any bad boy, even the son of a demon. Handling his evil mommy dearest’s schemes to keep them apart? That’s another kettle of brimstone—and bed full of buxom broads. There’s only one thing to do: fight sex with sex to win back the man of her dreams.

Except Tanner’s mother is mad enough to spit lightning bolts, which means staying together risks getting the shock of their lives—or deaths.

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“It wouldn’t be a Beverly Rae book without some
steamy hot sex and screaming danger. I recommend
this for all who want the magic with the romance.”
Long and Short of It Reviews – 4.5 Stars!