The More Things Change…

You’ve heard the old saying, haven’t you? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

When I first began writing, authors who wrote “those eBooks” weren’t considered “real” authors. Never mind that eBook authors had their books in the real world. Never mind that real readers paid real money for their books. eBook authors were still not considered real published authors by many traditional print authors, traditional print publishers and even organizations who were supposed to support writers in every step of their career. I lived through that discrimination until the Kindle and other ereaders took off. Today no one even questions that an epubbed author is a real author. In fact, those same traditional print authors and publishers are seeing their print sales dwindle while their eBook sales increase (yes, they jumped on the epubbed wagon).

Now it seems there’s another form of discrimination. This time it involves authors who write sex involving sentient beings such as werewolves and other shape-shifters. Some are even calling these romances “porn involving animals”. Seriously?

I don’t know when the whole concept began, but I do know that it’s somehow tied up with the bad boy thing a lot of women have. Maybe it started with vampire romances since vampires didn’t actually change into animals. Okay, maybe he changed into a bat to fly back to his hideaway, but that was rare. Can anyone wonder that writers would shift (pun intended) to werewolves, werecats, aliens and more? As writers we always want to stretch the limits. Although we never actually saw the sex scene, didn’t we all just assume that Captain Kirk made love to the green alien woman? She wasn’t human, just human-like, but I don’t remember anyone yelling foul then. Didn’t we believe that Spiderman, who “shifted” into a being with spidey powers, get it on with his love in the movies? What about the characters from the Twilight movies or the Vampire Diaries? Should those be considered “porn with animals” too?

I write graphic and explicit sex scenes in most of my books. My shape-shifters are intelligent men and women who, for the most part, are just like any other romance novel hero or heroine. They hate, they love, they have sex. But, like vampires, they have that other side to them. Do the shape-shifters in my books have sex with mortals while in their animal form? No. Do they sometimes shift just enough to bring out a small part (like changing eye color, etc.) while engaged in the bedroom? Yes, but I’d hardly call that having sex with an animal.

Just my $0.02.

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