You know how some people are just born lucky? Trust me. I’m not one of those people!

Like so many of you I went through my life, stumbling along the way, hoping something good will happen. I dragged through my life trying to find the perfect career. I tried a lot of different career paths, including being a professional singer, a secretary, a programmer’s assistant, a retail computer salesperson, a teacher, an in-home child caregiver, and a party consultant. At one point, I even owned my own singles newsletter. All these jobs were okay, but they didn’t excite me. I knew my dream job was still out there.

Then I found love. Talk about exciting!

Wow, there’s nothing like finding that one person you want to have in your life even when they’re old and don’t remotely resemble what they looked like when you met them. I mean, you know it’s true love when you can imagine what the person will look like at eighty and still want to grow old with them. You won’t even mind the lumpy, droopy body, the massive forest of nose and ear hairs, the false teeth and even the cranky disposition they’re sure to develop later in life. Now that’s true love.

Little did I know how much the love of my life, my best friend and my husband, would change my life. Through his support, I’ve ended up finally doing the jobs I was born to do. First and foremost, I am mother to the sweetest, most gentle, most talented, and beautiful child of my dreams. She’s on her own now, but she’ll forever be my baby.

I owe so much to my husband, the sweetest, most supportive man in the world. Without his gentle kick in the butt, I might never have written my first book. After that, through all the times when things got rough and I wanted to get out of the writing business, he supported me financially and emotionally. His patience and encouragement gave me the strength to go on. Now, not only does he still support me, he’s also my right hand man, handling everything from proof reading my manuscripts to maintaining my website.

So if you’re still searching for your place in life, don’t give up. We’re all lucky in one way or another, and you will be, too. Keep faith in yourself until you find the one love who will keep the faith along with you.

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Beverly Rae

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